Commercial Marine

Coelmo Generating Sets are used all over the world in a great variety of installations, such as on cruise ships, supply vessels, maxi-yachts, workboats, container ships and fishing boats.

Auxiliary Generating Sets
Coelmo offers a wide range of on-board auxiliary Generating Sets, from 3 kW to 3,000 kWe, specifically designed for the commercial marine.

Harbour Marine Generating Sets
Coelmo Harbour Diesel and Gas Marine Generating Sets, are designed and manufactured to be modular and to power ships during loading/unloading pocedures both as prime or standby source.

Containerized Marine Generating Sets
Coelmo Containerized Marine Generating Sets are designed to offer container ships an additional source of energy, integrating the electricity produced on board by auxiliary Generating Sets.


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kW 1000
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