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Coelmo's Data Center Generating Sets protect your infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted data traffic.

Coelmo puts its experience to good use by designing and manufacturing Generating Sets capable of ensuring business continuity and avoiding any interruption to data and personal information storage, management, processing and dissemination operations.


Data centers-Data Processing Center (DPC)-are centralized hubs for the storage, processing and dissemination of large volumes of data and applications for businesses and individuals. In short, data centers ensure the 24-hour-a-day, year-round operation of any information system.


The criticality of data stored in a data center requires safe and reliable electrical continuity. The choice of the Generating Set, and its integration into the data center infrastructure, is critical to optimize the performance of the power system and increasing its reliability.

Coelmo engineers work with you at all stages of development to design and produce a power system that integrates seamlessly with your data center infrastructure. Through our global network of resellers, we serve hundreds of Data Centers around the world.

Security and reliability are at the heart of supplying.


The demand for Data Center services is growing at an exponential rate. Everywhere in the world, the Internet and the data exchanged on it are present in every aspect of daily life, from communication to commerce.

Data Centers need sustainable power, quality and reliability to meet user requirements, where network outages are not an option and a low-carbon future is the priority.

The Uptime Institute is one of the most authoritative international organizations that can specify and certify the degree of reliability of Data Centers based on the number of available power sources, both continuous and emergency, and the degree of maintainability of the infrastructure.

Coelmo Generating Sets in DCP meet the most stringent requirements imposed by the Uptime Institute to ensure the highest standards of reliability - Tier III and Tier IV.


Quality, Efficiency and Reliability.

  • Comprehensive Support.

Coelmo is structured to provide all kinds of support. Our global network of dealers and technical specialists provides high-level after-sales advice in specification, installation and commissioning.

  • Testing.

Before being shipped, the Generating Set undergoes stringent and thorough testing systems, including simulation of contingencies, failures or malfunctions. Nothing is left to chance.

  • Parallel connections of switchboards and control systems.

Coelmo control boards are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, provide important operational information, through remote monitoring and control options that facilitate preventive maintenance, avoiding costly unplanned outages.

  • Optimized for sustainability.

Coelmo Generating Sets in DCP support sustainability goals with low-carbon energy sources.

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