Challenging weather conditions and black-outs give the role of power continuity an essential factor in emergency cases. Power cuts can seriously damage and paralyze infrastructures such as, hospitals, power plants, railways, airports, highways and schools.

In line with technological progress, Coelmo designs and manufactures Generating Sets, providing energy systems for every kind of requirement and adapt for the safety of the population.

With a national and international network of specialized distributors and workshops, Coelmo provides support throughout the process, from the dimensioning of the Generating Set to the design and installation.

Plastics production and processing plant, Latina (Italy)

Generating Set of 1250 kVA equipped with:

- Soundproof canopy, 70 dB (A) 7 m
- Automatic control panel without switching with ethernet module
- 400 L tank with leak collection tank
- Automatic fuel transfer system

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