Oil and Gas

Coelmo Generating Sets for Oil & Gas applications guarantee high reliability and maximum security.

In the Oil and gas industry, in terms of security measures the margin of error must be “zero”.

All of our efforts, from the implementation of the product to the development of our services, are aimed to excellence.
Besides the ability to satisfy some of the most complicated project specifications, our  support services result to be essential during the process of commissioning and start-up and during the life time of the generating set.

Our scheduled maintenance services are able to ensure electrical continuity for all of the operational equipment and for the safety systems required, in  such dangerous workplaces.
Coelmo’s service is available, fast and available to step in and provide the necessary support required to avoid unnecessary breakdowns  even in the extreme workplaces anywhere in the world.

Characteristics of Coelmo Generating Sets for Oil & Gas Applications:

  • Designed to ensure maximum performance.
  • Warranty coverage all over the world.
  • Single interface for installation and product support.
  • Monitoring systems for the management and remote control of the Generating Sets.
  • Continuous monitoring systems that enable the identification and prompt solution of possible sources of failure or damage of the Generating Set.
  • Alarm, security, fire and shut down systems.

Sannazzaro, Pavia (Italy)

N°2 Generating Sets of 3850 kVA each, 6 kV, Three-phase, 50 Hz equipped with:

- IP 55 container with paint suitable for particularly aggressive environments
- 3237 kWm engine at 1000 rpm with oil pre-lubrication pump
- 5000 KVA 6 kV IP55 alternator
- Highly flexible joint for the connection between engine and alternator
- Compressed air starting system
- Earthing resistance with double bypass
- Integrated fire extinguishing system with CO2 extinction in compliance with NFPA standards
- Anti-seismic spring dampers
- Electro-radiator at the table
- Automatic control panel

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