Special Solutions

Coelmo designs and produces a wide range and different types of Generating Sets, which can meet all customers’ needs.

However, some applications require customised technical solutions that can stand against harsh conditions: adverse environmental and weather conditions, special working modes, remote and isolated places, particular conditions that require dedicated solutions. Global Power Projects is Coelmo’s department which is dedicated to special solutions and which boasts 70 years of experience in this field and hundreds of finalised projects.

The Global Power Projects team of engineers guarantees service and support during all phases: from the designing to the production and up to the testing phase, from the installation to the commissioning. The team also provides support to the project over time through operations of scheduled maintenance and technical assistance all over the world.

Last Projects




WTE Plant
Somerset (United Kingdom)

Power Station
Matera (Italy)

Power Station
Codrogianos (Italy)

Cahora Bassa dam
Cahora Bassa (Mozambique)

Water Resource
Baghdad (Iraq)

Engineering and Planning
Solid projects right from the start

The accurate engineering setting during the designing phases and the application of the solution, make it possible to perform all steps with high precision: feasibility, designing, future developments. Each step is accurately studied, analysed and presented in details to the customer. During the designing phase, maximum attention is dedicated to the understanding of the customer's needs.

Special projects need special commitment

Once the customer's expectations have been identified, Global Power Projects' aim is to go beyond these expectations by creating innovative and efficient solutions. Excellence is the target of all the work. Production takes place in Italy by using high-standard methods and superior-quality parts. Moreover, the tests are performed in specialised laboratories where each single part undergoes stringent operating and performance tests.

Control systems
Reliable and smart controls

To get maximum performance from Coelmo Generating Sets, it is highly important to put a reliable, safe and smart control system at the users' disposal. Coelmo control systems are designed to guarantee high reliability over time and ensure precise detection, with a clear and intuitive interface that allows immediate detection and quick solution to any malfunctions or breakdowns.

Attention to Details

At the end of the production process and before delivery to the customer, all Coelmo Generating Sets undergo a strict testing operation in order to check and certify their operating and performance level. Each operating mode is simulated to verify the reliability of the system and the parts.

The touchstone

The installation and start-up are the final phase of a long and challenging project. At this phase, Coelmo Global Power Projects engineers check the system performance to make sure that it meets the pre-established targets and building criteria. They support the Customer in connecting the Generating Set to the already-existing control and distribution systems and provide him with a detailed manual containing the operating and maintenance instructions for the keep-up of the system efficiency.

Technical Assistance
Immediate and efficient intervention

Coelmo Global Power Projects department provides planned maintenance or extraordinary maintenance services in order to ensure uninterrupted and high-performance operation of the systems. Technical assistants immediately take action and provide support, at the international level, to repair sudden failures and supply spare parts and provide specialised technical training.

Global Power Projects for Sustainable Designs

Designing and producing Generating Sets implies making decisions that may have an impact on the environment. Global Power Projects engineers do their utmost to assess the impact on the environment by the design decisions, supply chain, production method and materials used, in order to minimise such impact on the natural environment, even during the phases of recycling and final disposal. Global Power Projects adopts sustainable design as a general approach method, bearing in mind that there is no development and innovation without the preservation and enhancement of natural environment.