Calendar 2017

A sea of poetry - G. Seferis
In this little garden, ten feet or so from an olive tree to a sprig of honeysuckle, just enough for you to plainly observe that pair of carnations whose red petals are still open to illumination. Accept who you are. The voice of the poem should not be lifted on the gratuitous rustlings of tall plane trees. Nurture it along slowly, using only the handful of soil and rock that belongs to you. For things that go beyond this dig in the very same spot, and you won't miss them.
A sea of journey - F. Braudel
What is the Mediterranean? It is one thousand things at the same time. Not one landscape but innumerable landscapes. Not a sea, but a succession of seas. Not a civilization, but civilizations amassed on top of one another. To travel within the Mediterranean is at the same time to immerse oneself in the archaism of insular worlds and to marvel in front of the extreme youth of very old cities, open to all the winds of culture and profit and which, since centuries, watch over and devour the sea...
A sea of work - Plauto
Each day from the city do we come out hither to the sea to seek for forage. Sea-urchins, rock-mussels, oysters, limpets, cockles, sea-nettles, sea-mussels and spotted crabs, we catch. After that, we commence our fishing with the hook and among the rocks, and thus we take our food from out of the sea.
A sea of melancholy - Dante
Now was the hour that wakens fond desire In men at sea, and melts their thoughtful heart, Who in the morn have bid sweet friends farewell, And pilgrim newly on his road with love Thrills, if he hears the vesper bell from far, That seems to mourn for the expiring day.
A sea of islands - Omero
In it, too, is a harbor giving safe anchorage, where there is no need of moorings, either to throw out anchor-stones or to make fast stern cables, but one may beach one's ship and wait until the sailors' minds bid them put out, and the breezes blow fair.
A sea of light - A. Rimbaud
It has been found again. What? - Eternity. It is the sea mingled with the sun.
A sea of olive trees - P. Neruda
Near the murmuring In the grain fields, of the waves Of wind in the oat-stalks The olive tree With its silver-covered mass Severe in its lines In its twisted Heart in the earth.
A sea of hospitality - E. De Luca
Our Father Sea who are not in heaven and enclose the borders of the island and of the world hallowed be thy salt hallowed be your depth. Receive the crowded boats with no course over your waves the fishermen sailing all night long their nets dropped among your creatures who came back in the morning with the catch of the rescued shipwrecks.
The sea of music - R. M. Rilke
When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused.
A sea of salt - K. Blixen
The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.
A sea of landscapes - Omero
Wherein birds long of wing were wont to nest, owls and falcons and sea-crows with chattering tongues, who ply their business on the sea... And round about soft meadows of violets and parsley were blooming. There even an immortal, who chanced to come, might gaze and marvel, and delight his soul.
A sea of volcanoes - S. Quasimodo
I inhabited islands green on a motionless sea. Shores of scorched seaweed, marine fossils, where the horses of volcanoes and the moon amorously race.