DC Generating Sets

A generating set often works with an average load very low, especially if it is used in combination with a system of energy production from renewable resources (solar, wind, etc.)..

In this case, it increases fuel consumption and reduces maintenance intervals, also because of higher combustion residues.

COELMO® Generating Sets of the series DCi Generators at variable speed, have been designed and implemented to solve the problems of low efficiency and high maintenance.

Thanks to a permanent magnet generator (PMG), an electronic management and an AC/DC converter, the Generating Set COELMO® DCi works always in rpm to maximize the intervals maintenance and reduce the noise , with stable voltage and low output ripple.

COELMO® Generating Sets of the series DCi Generators in variable speed are recommended for those applications where peak power is considerable higher than the average load, achieving a save of fuel and maintenance of approximately 40% compared to a traditional Generating Sets.

Gruppo Elettrogeno DC
Model  TEL40-48GV TEL6.5-48GV TEL12-48GV TEL18-48GV
Engine Model 403D-07 Perkins 403D-07 Perkins 403D-15 Perkins 404D-22 Perkins
Nominal Power 4 kW 8 kW 12 kW 20 kW
Speed Regolation DC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator
Speed Range 1400 - 1800 1400-2400 1400 - 2300 800-1900
N. of Cylinders 3 3 3 4
Displacement 0,76 l 0,76 l 1,5 l 2,2 l
Fuel Consumption 0,7 - 1,7 l/h 0,7 - 2,4 l/h 1,0 - 4,7 l/h 1,6 - 6,5 l/h
Cooling System Water Water Water Water
Permanent Magnet Generator AMP-04 AMP-07 AMP-12 AMP-18
Output Voltage 44 - 60 Vdc 44 - 60 Vdc 44 - 60 Vdc 44 - 60 Vdc
Voltage Ripple < 150 mV pp < 150 mV pp < 150 mV pp < 150 mV pp
Efficiency 90% 90% 90% 90%
Operating Temp. -10°C / 60°C -10°C / 60°C -10°C / 60°C -10°C / 60°C

1.Water Separator
2.Antisand Filters
3.Fuel Automatic Decanting System

Long Maintenance Kit

4.Heavy Duty Air Filter
5.Heavy Duty Oil Filter
6.Aut. Oil Refilling
7.Air Cyclon Filter

Integrated High Capacitty Fuel Tanks

8.200 lt.
9.600 lt.
10.1000 lt.

Nowadays, most of the telecoms equipments are designed to run on DC power. If an AC Generating Set is installed, a DC rectifier is required, with a lose of almost 5-10% in efficiency. DC rectifiers are also a common point of equipment failure on telecoms site.

By using a DC Generating Set in a Hybrid System, no rectifier are required, resulting in:

- Better power efficiency = lower fuel usage
- Less equipment heat = less site cooling = lower fuel usage
- Less maintenance = lower maintenance costs

An addition benefit of a DC Generating Set based Hybrid System is that no separate battery charger is required, since the Generating Set can charge the battery bank directly.

A Variable Speed Generating Set is a Generating Set that is able to regulate the power based on the site load.
Despite the traditional Generating Sets, that can only operate at a standard rotation (3000/1500 rpm @ 50Hz or 3600/1800 rpm @ 60Hz) delivering the rated power only, a Variable Speed Generating Set, equipped with a permanent magnet generator (PMG) and an electronic management, is designed to deliver the exact power required by the site, following the load variation, maximizing the intervals maintenance and reducing the noise , with a stable voltage and a low output ripple.

By using a Variable Speed Generating Sets the following benefits are found:

- Better power efficiency = lower fuel usage
- Less maintenance = lower maintenance costs
- Extended Engine Life Time

Benefits of Hybrid Systems with DC Variable Speed Generating Set:

- Fuel Saving of up to 85%
- Maintenance cost reductions of up to 75%
- Extended Generating Set lifetime of up to 300%

Reduced equipment requirements:

- No rectifier required
- Possible removal of air conditioning supported through removal of rectifier heat
- Replacement of UPS battery bank with deep-cycle battery bank.