Integra Plus

European Patent 2393709 (CIR B33).

Taking up a boat homelike with comfort and safety, is possible today, thanks to Integra Plus®, the innovative Coelmo® ologeneration system. This system makes it possible to have a single and intelligent management of energy sources on board. Simply by tuning the TV to your favourite programme, or by switching on the air-conditioner, Integra Plus® will choose one of the available energy sources (shore power, generator, and inverter), by using the most suitable and environmentally-friendly one.

No more energy waste, thanks to using low-load generators or to overloading the batteries. Integra Plus® can regulate the supply of each source and optimise efficiency and continuance. No more induced galvanic currents which can quickly damage the anodes, rotors and stabilisers. Integra Plus® can safeguard the boat with a permanent galvanic protection system.

In a single and compact box, Integra Plus® encloses a pure sine wave inverter, a two output battery charger, a UPS, a galvanic protection, and a sophisticated ologeneration system, and all these components are monitored by a single EOS® digital control panel. The simplicity in installation, maintenance and use, exalts the features of the most innovative boats.

The reliability of Integra Plus® ologeneration system is also due to the international guarantee, sustained by a net of distributors and authorised workshops worldwide, which are ready to provide spare parts and immediate assistance.

Technical data sheet: make the to access to the data sheet.

Model P1000 P2000
Inverter Specification    
Nominal DC Input Voltage 12/24Vdc 12/24Vdc
Continua Power 1000W 2000W
Nominal AC Output Voltage 230V, +/- 5% 230V, +/- 5%
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Output Waveform true sine wave true sine wave
Max Efficency 92% 92%
Battery Charger Specification    
Max Charge Rate 80/40A 80/40A
Charge Voltage Programmable
Battery Type Setting open lead, gel, traction, AGM, spiral open lead, gel, traction, AGM, spiral
Renewable Source    
Max Power 200 W
200 W
Vdc 100 Vdc 100 Vdc
General Specification    
Galvanic Protection Yes Yes
Cooling Forced Forced
Max Currente Inverter Line 4,5A 9A
Dimensional Details    
Dimension (LxHxP) 330x450x160 mm 330x450x160 mm
Weight 13,5kg 13,5kg

New Solar Booster

Batteries always fully charged, even at anchor or at the dock.

Unique Intelligence on the mains

A single system that monitors and manages all Energy sources on board and shares the information on the CAN-bus circuit.

No Interruption

Integra® assures the power without interruption whilst the Generator starts up, when unexpected power cuts from the external power source occurs.

More power and Saving

Thanks to the parallel mode, with Integra® you can obtain more power from the Generator and save fuel. With Integra® , all sources of power on board are simultaneously available. (Mains, Generator and battery).

No corrosion from galvanic current

Integra® is a sophisticated protection system that protects the boat from external galvanic current. No more corrosion damage on the propellers, on the flaps and on the metal boat structure.

Batteries long life

The sophisticated dual branched battery charger system secures the service and starting batteries, optimizing the power load available on board.Integra® automatically starts up the Generator when the battery’s available power falls below the safety level, assuring the batteries recharge even when the boat has not been used for a long period of time.

More space on board

A unique compact and integrated system that simplifies installation and maintenance on board.