Auxiliary Generating Sets

Coelmo offers a wide range of on-board auxiliary Generating Sets, from 3 kW to 3,000 kWe, specifically designed for the commercial marine. Coelmo Generating Sets are used all over the world in a great variety of installations, such as on cruise ships, supply vessels, maxi-yachts, workboats, container ships and fishing boats. The design philosophy of Coelmo on-board auxiliary Generating Sets is to offer reliable and compact solutions, with simple and intuitive command and control panels, to ensure maximum usability in all conditions and to provide customizable technical solutions. The on-board auxiliary Generating Sets comply with national and international standards in terms of emissions (e.g. Marpol VI) and are certified by the major organisations according to SOLAS norms.

Commercial Vessels and Workboats
Coelmo has a full range of on-board auxiliary Generating Sets, either with soundproof canopy or open, for small to medium sized commercial units including passenger transport, maritime services, rental units, etc. Reliable and compact, Coelmo on-board auxiliary Generating Sets are equipped with the leading global manufacturers’ engines and offer innovative solutions for everyday commercial applications. The entire range complies with the most stringent regulations concerning the environment, noise and emissions.
Leisure Boats and Maxi-Yachts
Creating a confortable experience of life on board is the main design philosophy of Coelmo Marine Generating Sets for large leisure boats. For this reason, Coelmo research centre has been developing innovative solutions for the reduction of Generating Set vibration and noise, improving integration within boat systems and lowering fuel consumption, thanks to the implementation of hybrid solutions, combining solar and wind sources. A wide range of engines and power knots allows the installation of Generating Sets powered by engines from the same manufacturer as the propulsion engines, facilitating the procurement of spare parts and reducing maintenance costs.
Small and Medium Commercial Vassels
Coelmo auxiliary Generating Sets for commercial units and coastal service passenger transport are designed and manufactured to better meet the needs of each vessel and the technical requirements of the Marine international rules and regulations.
A world-wide after-sales network guarantees an effective technical support and a fast delivery of spare parts.
Cargo and Cruise Ships
Coelmo Generating Sets for commercial applications are developed focusing on the reliability and ease of use, selecting commercial engines. They are designed and manufactured in order to meet the technical requirement of the boat designer, exceeding the standards of MARPOL VI and SOLAS.
A wide network of after-sales support provides immediate and effective technical assistance.
Management, Control and Synchronization Panels
Coelmo Management, Control and Synchronization Panels for commercial marine Generating Sets are the result of decades of experience and innovation in functionality, reliability and ease of use, allowing seamless integration of the Generating Sets with the electrical system on board. The panels have a high protection index for use in humid saline environments. With dedicated software, the entire system can be monitored and controlled from the engine room as well as from the engine control room. Each Coelmo Management, Control and Synchronization Panels comply with main classification companies, IACS members.

Harbour Marine Generating Sets

Containerized Marine Generating Sets