Harbour Marine Generating Sets

Coelmo quay Marine Generating sets, powered by diesel or gas, are modular and are designed to power ships during cargo operations and to intervene in case of blackouts.
The Coelmo Marini Electric Generator Boats are installed in 20 'container, certified for use in humid-saline environments and certified according to environmental regulations, to be used also in areas with emission constraints in lieu of onboard Auxiliary Fuel Groups.

Management, Control and Synchronization Panels
Coelmo Management, Control and Synchronization Panels for commercial marine Generating Sets are the result of decades of experience and innovation in functionality, reliability and ease of use, allowing seamless integration of the Generating Sets with the electrical system on board. The panels have a high protection index for use in humid saline environments. With dedicated software, the entire system can be monitored and controlled from the engine room as well as from the engine control room. Each Coelmo Management, Control and Synchronization Panels comply with main classification companies, IACS members.

Auxiliary Generating Sets

Containerized Marine Generating Sets